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Hjorthen ser film: Footloose

Tre grunner til at nyinnspillingen av gode gamle Footloose ikke går rett hjem her i gården:

1: Kenny Wormald danser nok bedre, men han er ingen Kevin Bacon.

2: Julianne Hough er nok søt, og ligner litt på gamle gode Nancy Allen, men hun er ingen Lori Singer.

3: Jeg holder meg nok godt, og er fortsatt kåt og gæren, men jeg er ikke sytten år lenger.

Tre grunner til at du kanskje skal se den allikevel:

1: Only saw the preview, but my impression is this. This film includes a rebellious “christian” daughter of a minister. It will appeal strongly to the lusts of the flesh, and could not be consider beneficial or edifying. I am concerned it will cause many to fall.
—Tom, age 50 (USA)

2: I propose another category for the rating system based on this movie: satanic. The level of horrid attitude towards authority and hatred for self-control in movies, including children’s G-rated movies, has reached a point where I regard them as satanic. (…) This movie cannot be of any use in a positive sense except to portray an example of what to stay away from.
—Robert Maclean, age 62 (USA)

3: “Footloose” is less explicit than most contemporary teen movies, but still raunchier than it needs to be—and definitely sexed up from the original. Ariel and her pre-Ren boyfriend have sex in the back of a truck, though the camera cuts away once the undressing begins. Ariel also takes off her top to use as a flag at the race track, spending the rest of the scene in just a bra. There are plenty of shots of tight jeans and cleavage, and boys and girls take turns ogling each other.

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