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Linker du ikke kommer til å trykke på #17

Lion tamer

Sex og død om ettermiddagen, en finfin gjennomgang av de amerikanske såpeoperaenes vekst og fall.

It was always a battle. In 1968 we wrote a story line that had one of our characters, Tommy Horton, return from Vietnam with amnesia and post-traumatic stress disorder. War was completely raging at the time, and the network wouldn’t let us mention it in any way whatsoever. They said, “No, let’s just say that he came back from Korea.” We said, “Wait, Korea was 1950 … this is 1968!” But they insisted that we couldn’t talk about Vietnam. So he came back from Korea.

Et spennende fotoprosjekt fra Ada Mirovskaya

I want to sense the warmth of her heart anew, like in my childhood; to look closer and get to know my present, mature mother. To fixate, to remember, to feel acutely the moments of the life that I treasure, which is primordially a source of my own. Wise and not so wise, powerful and weak, young and mature, good and bad—anything she may be. My mom. Distant no more. Close…again.
Alla Mirovskaya

Flere bilder: The Strange Beauty of Salt Mines

Salt, an essential element for all animal life, is abundant here on Earth, but it still requires extraction from stone deposits or salty waters. The process of mining that salt can produce beautiful landscapes, including deep, stable caverns, multicolored pools of water, and geometric carvings. Some of these locations have even become tourist destinations, serving as concert halls, museums, and health spas touting the benefits of halotherapy. Collected here are images of salt mines across the world, above and below ground.

25 bøker alle barn burde ha i hylla. Alle voksne også egentlig? Men hvor mange av dem er det mulig å få fatt i på norsk? Storrusten, jeg snakker til deg!

This month marks the 70th anniversary of one of our favorite children’s books of all time, the beautiful, contemplative novella The Little Prince. To celebrate the book’s legacy (and to encourage any parents currently dragging their feet to get it for their little ones), we’ve put together a list of 25 essential books that every kid should have on his or her bookshelf growing up. Add your own suggestions to the list (it has potential to be infinite) in the comments.

Antallet amerikanere som bor i kollektiv er på vei oppover.

The lace bonds of bourgeois matrimony — that hallowed relationship between one man, one woman, and one mortgage — continue to yellow and fray. But we don’t need the acid bath of homosexual libido to dissolve them altogether and free up space for something new; austerity seems to be doing that just fine.

Skal vi se, hvordan er den politiske situasjonen i Mario-universet mon tro?

It is important to note that Bowser does not command the allegiance of all Koopas, but those under his authority are organised into paramilitary ranks or units [20] in a caste-like system. This concentration of political power in a single leader arguably makes Bowser a fascist. Although as he self-styles himself “King Koopa” it is apparent that he claims (or is seeking) parity of esteem with Princess Peach; that is to say that he does not regard himself as a ‘terrorist’ but as a ‘freedom fighter’ or entitled ruler in his own right.

Rosa og blått

Realizing her daughter was part of an international phenomenon of gender-specific marketing campaigns, Yoon began photographing American and South Korean children in their bedrooms with their collection of pink and blue objects, highlighting the powerful gender-oriented marketing pitch toy companies such as Mattel make to children and parents.

If I reported to you what Mrs. Thatcher really thought about President Reagan, it would damage Anglo-American relations.

U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who died Monday, and U.S. President Ronald Reagan are remembered as a geopolitical “power couple,” a partnership that pushed for free-market conservatism and helped win the Cold War. In both U.S. and U.K. politics, their names are practically synonymous.

But the truth was far more complicated and, particularly when it came to the more difficult moments of the Cold War, Reagan and Thatcher found plenty to disagree on.

Okay, så får norske kvinner som deltar i offentlig debatt kjørt seg, men det kunne vært verre. De kunne spilt basketball?

Mark Cuban is open to trying out Griner for his Dallas Mavericks, but some NBA fans reveal much less progressive attitudes

Ålreit. En til da. Weekend at Bernies, dere husker den? Her må noen stilles til ansvar!

However, it is the opinion of this investigator that the witnesses’ testimony is faulty, based on the condition of the body. Their “weekend at Bernie’s” should have been “weekend with a bloated, stiff, green corpse.”


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    Men… men.. jeg har andre… Ok, ingenting annet å gjøre. Du får 18 av dem på norsk.

    Den lille prinsen
    I huttetuenes land
    – The sweetest fig
    Huckleberry Finn
    – Dealing with dragons
    Alice i eventyrland
    Trollmannen fra Jordsjø
    Trollmannen fra Oz
    Harriet spion
    – Half magic
    Peter Pan
    Litt av en snarvei
    Det suser i sivet
    – Madeline (men svensk og dansk)
    – Where the sidewalk ends
    – The Phantom Tollboth
    Den utvalgte
    Huset på bjørnehjørnet
    Historien om Ferdinand
    Charlottes tryllevev
    – Lizard Music
    Slottet blir mitt
    Ja, overalt kan du dra!

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