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Linker du ikke kommer til å trykke på #21

Police Dog, Tess, 29/1/35 / by Sam Hood

Hvordan gikk det egentlig med Disney-prinsessene når lyset i kinosalen kom på igjen? Dina Goldstein har bilder!

Forskning viser at det er vanskelig å skille voldtektsmenns unnskyldninger fra pjatt fra såkalte lad mags, blader som FHM etc. Og menn er mest enig med voldtektsmennene.

Many of the rapists quoted in the study talked about coercing women or having sex with them even though they were initially unwilling. However, so did the lad mags. Horvath says, “Rapists try to justify their actions, suggesting that women lead men on, or want sex even when they say no, and there is clearly something wrong when people feel the sort of language used in a lads’ mag could have come from a convicted rapist.” A lot of these stereotypes — that women say no when they really mean yes, or are “asking for it” by going out with a man or wearing a short skirt — have indeed been normalized, and it’s sad but not surprising that they appear in a lot of lad mags. Defenders of such statements like to frame them as innocent, or even helpful, observations. But perhaps the news that they sound just like rapists will make people — and magazines — rethink their words.

Dystopia? Apple er på saken!

Apple has patented a piece of technology which would allow government and police to block transmission of information, including video and photographs, from any public gathering or venue they deem “sensitive”, and “protected from externalities.”

­In other words, these powers will have control over what can and cannot be documented on wireless devices during any public event.

Spike Lee har offentliggjort sin liste over de beste filmene noen sinne. Jeg hadde bare sett en litt stor håndfull av dem

Spike Lee, the very accomplished director, producer, and Madison Square Garden defender, has been a film professor at NYU for the last 15 years. Every semester on the first day of class, the former Harvard instructor distributes a list of essential movies he considers “the greatest films ever made,” cinematic titles he deems required education for all aspiring directors. Now, Professor Lee has entrusted this academic canon to the electronic world.

The Rape Joke

The Female Experiance Simulator

Hva var det Mark Twain sa? At alt er mulig for Gud, unntatt en ting: Å skjønne logikken bak menneskenes copyrightlovgivning? Resultatet av dagens status er i hvert fall at det er flere bøker å få tak i fra 1910 enn det er fra 1980. Er dette et hull i vårt kollektive minne?

Last year I wrote about some very interesting research being done by Paul J. Heald at the University of Illinois, based on software that crawled Amazon for a random selection of books. At the time, his results were only preliminary, but they were nevertheless startling: There were as many books available from the 1910s as there were from the 2000s. The number of books from the 1850s was double the number available from the 1950s. Why? Copyright protections (which cover titles published in 1923 and after) had squashed the market for books from the middle of the 20th century, keeping those titles off shelves and out of the hands of the reading public.


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