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Linker du ikke kommer til å trykke på #22

En gammel post med linker som jeg av en eller annen grunn glemte å publisere. Jeg hadde sikkert en ambisjon om å utvide lista litt før jeg sendte den ut. Satser på at linkene fortsatt har et snev av aktualitet ved seg.

5376883 pairs of scissors on the wall, 5376883 pairs of scissors, take one down, pass it around, 5376882 pairs of scissors on the wall Tal Bright via Compfight

En tidslinje over oppfinnelser og ideer i Science Fiction

It’s the *political* economy, stupid!

One often hears that Marxism is a form of economic determinism, but I view it as an attempt to escape economic determinism. The hope is that through very rapid development of the material conditions for human production and reproduction, we could begin to make radically different kinds of political choices — choices that were not constrained by a logic of scarcity. It seems likely to me that at some point in the postwar era, the world had actually collectively created something like “the material conditions for full communism” — but powerful people made choices that led to a voluntary continuation of the logic of scarcity even when we were no longer physically constrained by actual-existing scarcity.

The result has been a squandering of those resources in such a way as to set up environmental catastrophes that will almost certainly return us to a condition of real scarcity.

Amerikanerne er gærne. Ringer du politiet for ofte i Philadelphia blir du kastet ut.

(…) because an ordinance in Norristown, Pa., says that a tenant who makes three 911 calls within four months can be evicted and that tenant’s landlord could have his or her rental license suspended, Briggs did not call the police on the night of June 23, 2012, when the same boyfriend hit her in the head with a glass ashtray then stabbed her in the neck with a piece of broken glass. The police had already warned her that she was on her third strike after their last visit. So she didn’t make the call and—just before she passed out—Briggs begged a neighbor not to do so on her behalf.

Den problematiske delen av Googles robotokrati

In other words, photos of the sort that led to the downfall of Hosni Mubarak or helped an ostensibly antiwar president get elected in the United States were automatically designated as suspect by Google’s clumsy, illogical, family-friendly rules.

Hvorfor må du være non-konform akkurat som alle andre!

With her irresistibly wonderful black-and-white drawings and hand-lettered text, which originally appeared in her school newspaper and were eventually published by Scholastic, she offers 22 rules for becoming “a bona fide nonconformist,” poking fun at so many archetypes still strikingly prevalent — perhaps even amplified — today: the misunderstood artist-hipster, the troll grubbing for clout by spewing curmudgeonly comments, the protester-for-the-sake-of-protesting, the musician flaunting her mental health issues as a badge of genius.

De fantstiske fire er visst The Great American Novel

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