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Linker du ikke kommer til å trykke på #26

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Kulturmarxismen har spredd seg til Australia

Anders Breivik killed young social democrats because he believed that their party was involved in a cultural Marxist plot to undermine traditional European values by means of mass immigration from the Islamic world. Prominent voices in the #Gamergate movement have invoked it to warn of what is really motivating the feminist and queer critics of game aesthetics and culture – a desire to purge the culture of “proper” masculine values. It can even chime with Cater’s dreary, pedestrian moaning about how a “graduate class” seeks to remodel authentic, “egalitarian” Australian culture.

Sannheten om internett

It will scare you

Alt du vil vite om bæsj, men ikke har turt å spørre om.

It’s tempting to think of feces as simply the used-up remains of the food you ate — the stuff that makes it through after digestion.

In reality, this stuff is present, but 50 to 80 percent of your poop (excluding water) is actually bacteria that had been living in your intestines and was then ejected as food passed through. Many of the bacteria in poop are still alive, but some are dead — carcasses of species that bloomed as they fed on the indigestible plant matter you consumed, then died shortly afterward.

En far tar med seg sin syv år gamle datter til det som hadde vært Outland om han hadde bodd i Norge. Det viser seg å være en øyeåpner.

“Dad,” she said as she rolled her eyes at me (I mentioned that she acts like she’s twenty seven sometimes, yes? I could tell this was about to be one of those times) and said “these can’t be the real comics.  That’s not Harley Quinn.  That’s notWonder Woman.  That’s not…where are the real ones?”

I had no clue what she was talking about.

Her er en fin og litt trist sak om kjærlighet og psykisk sykdom

“Mark, I think this is worse than if Giulia had died,” my mother-in-law said to me one night after leaving Saint Francis Memorial. “The person we visit is not my daughter, and we don’t know if she is coming back.” I was silent, but agreed. Every evening I ripped open a wound that I’d spent the whole preceding day trying to patch up.

Barneoppdragelse. Det går til helvete uansett. 

Nowadays, it’s not enough to be happy—if you can be even happier. The American Dream and the pursuit of happiness have morphed from a quest for general contentment to the idea that you must be happy at all times and in every way. “I am happy,” writes Gretchen Rubin inThe Happiness Project, a book that topped the New York Times best-seller list and that has spawned something of a national movement in happiness-seeking, “but I’m not as happy as I should be.”

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