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HOW DID J.R.R. Tolkien create The Lord of the Rings? The simple answer is that he wrote it. He sat down in a chair in 1937 and spent more than a dozen years working on what remains a masterwork of fantasy literature and a genius stroke of immersive worldbuilding.

The more complicated answer is that in addition to writing the story, he drew it. The many maps and sketches he made while drafting The Lord of the Rings informed his storytelling, allowing him to test narrative ideas and illustrate scenes he needed to capture in words. For Tolkien, the art of writing and the art of drawing were inextricably intertwined.

In the book The Art of The Lord of the Rings, we see how, and why.

Men denne artikkelen har dessverre bare bilde av ett eksempel da.

Slavery, as the Sublettes describe it, wasn’t a sidebar to early American history and a new nation’s growth. It was front and center—protected by law and prejudice, custom and greed. The enslaved were unloaded, sold, and taken (women’s necks tied with rope, men’s necks put in chains) via major roads, steamboats, and passing through cities and villages to their destination. Newspapers, owned by Benjamin Franklin, sold advertising for buying and selling slaves. All of this unfolded in full sight, with prosperous settlers assuming that slaves were a necessity for daily living and accumulating wealth. For generations, the property value of slaves was the largest asset in America.

Uansett hvor ille du tror slaveriet i USA var, så var det verre. 

In November 2010, when I was 25 years old, I moved in with a man who was 98. This man, whom I’ll call Mr. Schecter, wasn’t a friend or relation or anyone I knew. He was a Holocaust survivor in the first stages of dementia, and I’d been hired to look after him. Although my background was in clinical psychology, I was by no means a professional caregiver. I was employed because Mr. Schecter’s son—I’ll call him Sam—had seriously underestimated his father’s condition. Sam’s mistake was understandable. The most obvious paradox of dementia is the victim’s frequent inability to recognize it, and Mr. Schecter went about his life as though burdened by the normal aches and pains of aging rather than by an irrevocable and debilitating illness. If he put the laundry detergent in the oven or forgot which floor he lived on, he’d shake his head and sigh, Mayn kop arbet nisht (“my head doesn’t work”). But it was a lament, not a diagnosis. And this denial, both clinical and profoundly human, led Sam to misjudge the illness as well.

Dette er en litt lang, men veldig fin perle av en tekst om demens og dem som er rammet av det. 

The Dark Lord Sauron rules over this kingdom, Mordor, and he’s been in charge for ages and gets a bad rap because he’s not a very nice guy, but since when is it important for a leader to be nice? And look, I happen to be a very nice guy. I have some very nice guys working for me, but when I’m hiring someone to run a multi-million dollar resort I don’t care if they’re nice, I care that they’re smart. And it seems to me like Sauron was a smart guy, very organized. Middle Earth was broken and then Sauron came along and he was the right guy for the moment. I think he’s fantastic.

Donald Trump anmelder Ringenes Herre.


Kult nok!

Jeg var aldri noen stor Counting Crows-fan. Jeg gikk glipp av debutalbumet. Oppdaget dem via en ekstrahjelp i platesjappa jeg hadde den gangen, og hørte en god del på liveplata Across a Wire. Likte den godt, og hørte vel også en del på plata som kom etter den. Men på et eller annet tidspunkt endte Counting Crows opp som noe man nesten er litt flau for noen gang å ha likt, og jeg skjønner egentlig ikke helt hvorfor. Det er dette denne teksten handler om.

Your Favorite Band Sucks!

Guns don’t kill people. Toddlers do.


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