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Watching Rhodes work, I remember that he is still, chiefly, a writer, who is using a new set of tools — along with the traditional arts of narrative and spin — to create stories of great consequence on the biggest page imaginable. The narratives he frames, the voices of senior officials, the columnists and reporters whose work he skillfully shapes and ventriloquizes, and even the president’s own speeches and talking points, are the only dots of color in a much larger vision about who Americans are and where we are going that Rhodes and the president have been formulating together over the past seven years. When I asked Jon Favreau, Obama’s lead speechwriter in the 2008 campaign, and a close friend of Rhodes’s, whether he or Rhodes or the president had ever thought of their individual speeches and bits of policy making as part of some larger restructuring of the American narrative, he replied, “We saw that as our entire job.”

The Boy Wonder of the Obama White House

It may be the most complicated political entity in all of fantasy: truly understanding what’s happening at any given moment requires deep knowledge of thousands of years of Westerosi history, a history which includes giants, dragons, winters that last years, and dozens of feuding rival houses. What was the doom of Valyria? Where did all the dragons go? Why did Robert Baratheon have a claim on the throne in the first place? It can be lot to process–unless somebody else does the processing for you.

Dette er gull: Hardcore Game of Thrones

Ms. Bourg, a custodian at a sporting goods store on the mainland, lives with her two sisters, 82-year-old mother, son and niece on land where her ancestors, members of the Native American tribes of southeastern Louisiana, have lived for generations. That earth is now dying, drowning in salt and sinking into the sea, and she is ready to leave.

With a first-of-its-kind “climate resilience” grant to resettle the island’s native residents, Washington is ready to help.

USAs første klimaflyktninger

The Dutch and the Americans claim that within a few years lab-produced meats will start appearing in supermarkets and restaurants. And these are not the only teams working on cultured meat (as they prefer to call it). Another company, Modern Meadow, promises that lab-grown “steak chips” — something between a potato chip and beef jerky — will hit the stores in the near future, too.

Lab-kjøtt er nær framtid, og det er bra for oss.

When he emerged on to the landing, it became clear the FBI was here for something far more serious. The two brothers watched, stunned, as their parents were put in handcuffs and driven away in separate black cars. Tim and Alex were left behind with a number of agents, who said they needed to begin a 24-hour forensic search of the home; they had prepared a hotel room for the brothers. One of the men told them their parents had been arrested on suspicion of being “unlawful agents of a foreign government”.

The Americans for real

As I’ve sneaked peeks at Game of Thrones, it has occurred to me that Martin could be playing a fantastic trick. If you were a hardline Christian, Game of Thrones would be a perfect depiction of what life was like before the arrival of Jesus Christ on earth. Everyone was bathed in sin (and only sin) at all times. Selfishness wasn’t just the way things were done, it was the only way people could possibly imagine acting toward one another. The idea of self-sacrifice had yet to occur to humanity. If someone came to Westeros to preach universal brotherhood, loving thy enemies, and turning the other cheek, it really would be a revelation.

Hvor blir det av Jesus?

THE SECOND SEASON of Daredevil is ferociously bad. It’s rambling, incoherent, inconsistent, and somehow, even though it’s drenched with violence and action and melodrama, it’s actually kind of boring. The characters make no sense, the plot makes no sense, the stakes are weird and nonsensical, and all of that non-sense-making happens at triple speed.

I would speculate that, at least on some level, the writers realized that they were flogging a dead horse, and tried to solve the problem by beating ittwice as hard and twice as fast and also with ninjas. But it stays dead.

Daredevil begynte så bra…men endte så dårlig.

Then I excluded history subreddits and looked at the probability that a Reddit thread mentions Nazis or Hitler at least once. Unsuprisigly, the probability of a Nazi refrence increases as the threads get bigger. Nevertheless, I didn’t expect that the probability would be over 70% for a thread with more than 1,000 comments.

Godwins law bevist


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