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Linker du ikke kommer til å trykke på #30


“You want to know about diversity in soccer?” Andreassen asks. “Here’s a story about diversity in soccer.”

A few years ago, when Andreassen was head of Washington Youth Soccer, a 15-year-old girl from a lower-income community south of Seattle showed up in the town’s league. Her family was from Mexico, and she had grown up with several older brothers who loved soccer and had developed tremendous skill playing with them. The league organizers wanted her to go to an Olympic Development Program tournament in Arizona that is scouted by college coaches, and because her family had little money, a sponsor was found to pay for the trip.

The girl played brilliantly at the tournament. She was surrounded by college coaches who flooded her with offers, which is unheard of for a sophomore in high school playing at an ODP tournament. But when she returned home her father banned her from playing soccer. He was undocumented, and he feared that if she became a college player, someone would notify the government and he would be deported.

They never saw her again.

Veldig interessant sak fra amerikansk fotball. Jeg mener soccer. Hvorfor er ikke det amerikanske landslaget stappa fullt av folk med latin-amerikansk bakgrunn? Her finner du forklaringen.

(…) those who wanted to get ahead in this system … had to anticipate the Führer’s will and take action to prepare and promote what they thought to be Hitler’s intentions. This not only explains why the regime was so dynamic but also why it became more and more radical. In competing for the dictator’s favour, his paladins tried to trump one another with ever more extreme demands and measures.

Hvor mange Hitler-biografier er det egentlig mulig å lese?

In order to understand Game of Thrones, you have to understand its context. But in Thrones’ case, it’s operating within multiple different contexts. The three most important are that it’s made by people in the 2000s prestige television model, based on novels written in a 1990s fantasy literature context, and viewed (and discussed!) in the era of 2010s Peak TV. There are a bunch of other considerations that affect matters, from George R.R. Martin’s writing pace to the casting of the child actors, but the ones I mentioned above are the most critical to understanding the question: “Why is Game of Thronesthe way it is?”

Ja, hvorfor er Game of Thrones det det er?

Before, when we’ve seen Daenerys address a huge crowd, she’s done so with a very sympathetic message. Sure, as Daario points out, she’s a conqueror. But she’s done so in the name of freedom. She’s been freeing the enslaved of Astapor, Yunkai, and Meereen while toppling their rulers. But in this week’s episode, it’s all about what Daenerys wants. She doesn’t even promise her new blood riders a better life, she just promises to work them harder than any khalasar has ever been worked.

Og vil Daenerys ende opp som The Mad Queen? Jeg har ikke trodd det, men forrige episode peker i den retningen?

Er dette en gullgruve? Kanskje? I hvert fall er det en bråte med russiske filmer som ligger online og kan sees helt gratis. Noen er dubbet, andre er tekstet. Gå berserk!

All Soviet Movies

Ålreit, dette er for spesielt interesserte. Selv jeg er ikke så interessert egentlig, men jeg leste det likevel. Nigeria er klodens beste Scrabble-nasjon, og de holder seg unna de lange ordene.

Kort er bedre enn kortere for verdens nye Scrabble-stjerner

All representations of large penises in ancient Greek art and literature are associated with foolish, lustful men, or the animal-like satyrs. Meanwhile, the ideal Greek man was rational, intellectual and authoritative. He may still have had a lot of sex, but this was unrelated to his penis size, and his small penis allowed him to remain coolly logical.

Hvorfor har de så små peniser på gamle statuer? Kom igjen, jeg vet du har lurt på dette!

Small Beer Press er forlaget til Gavin Grant og Hjorthefavoritt Kelly Link. Nå samarbeider de med en annen favoritt, John Crowley, om å gi ut en firehundre år gammel science fiction-roman. Sært, men kult. Og vil du ha den i hardback kan du støtte dette via kickstarter.

Og hva heter boka? Chymische Hochzeit Christiani Rosencreutz anno 1459

Man kan lære mye om føkka folk på diverse forum på internetten. Her har Something Awful gjort jobben med å trekke ut noen høydepunkter fra reddit-sub’en Raised by Narcissts, slik at vi andre kan holde oss langt unna.

r/raisedbynarcissists, or RBN for short, aims to be a support group for people who grew up with narcissistic parents and suffered emotional abuse. It all sounds fine and beneficial until you remember that this is Reddit, so naturally a good number of submissions are from the most feeble dweebs imaginable venting about micro-aggressions supposedly caused by their parents.

In the same way that they don’t tend to read Judy Blume novels, act out the lyrics to I Will Survive or treat themselves to a long day at the spa, men do not, as a rule, ‘get’ Dirty Dancing. Equally, women are less likely to obsess over films full of Nazis and explosions. The twain are destined never to meet – otherwise the most successful film in history would be called The Dirty Dancing Dozen.

Gutta skjønner ikke Dirty Dancing, men fortvil ikke. Her er hjelp å få!

Two things need to be borne in mind here. First, this study comes from the IMF’s research division – not from those staffers who fly into bankrupt countries, haggle over loan terms with cash-strapped governments and administer the fiscal waterboarding. Since 2008, a big gap has opened up between what the IMF thinks and what it does.

Nyliberalismens langsomme død er i gang?

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