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Via bloggen til William Gibson er det i dag med stor glede at jeg kan referere til Lord Hoffmans uttalelser i forbindelse med at det britiske House of Lords nylig ærklærte det for å være ulovlig å holde ikke-britiske terroristmistenkte innesperret på ubestemt tid uten lov og dom.

“This is a nation which has been tested in adversity, which has survived physical destruction and catastrophic loss of life. I do not underestimate the ability of fanatical groups of terrorists to kill and destroy, but they do not threaten the life of the nation.
Whether we would survive Hitler hung in the balance, but there is no doubt that we shall survive Al-Qaeda.
The Spanish people have not said that what happened in Madrid, hideous crime as it was, threatened the life of their nation. Their legendary pride would not allow it.
Terrorist violence, serious as it is, does not threaten our institutions of government or our existence as a civil community….

Such a power in any form is not compatible with our constitution. The real threat to the life of the nation, in the sense of a people living in accordance with its traditional laws and political values, comes not from terrorism but from laws such as these. That is the true measure of what terrorism may achieve. It is for Parliament to decide whether to give the terrorists such a victory.”

Jeg kunne vel ikke sagt det bedre selv?

For dem som er veldig spesielt interesserte så finnes hele kjennelsen i denne saken her.

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