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Hvis du, eller jeg, var palestiner

Young people who have no future will easily give up their future, which they cant see on the horizon. Their past as guttersnipes and their present as cursed unemployed idlers lock the opening to their hope: Their death is better than their life, and their death is even better than our life, as their oppressors – that is how they feel. From the day they are born to the day they leave this earth, they see their land ahead, to which they will not come as free people.

There are no good and bad peoples; there are only leaderships that behave responsibly or insanely. And now we are fighting those whom a goodly number of us would be like, had we been in their place for 41 and a half years.

Yossi Sarid i Haaretz

Jeg sa jeg ikke skulle skrive noe om Gaza, men jeg sa ikke noe om å sitere andre, gjorde jeg vel?

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    Takk, den var interessant!

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