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Hummer og kanari

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Fra Lunarbaboon:


Rolling Stone har fått mye kritikk for bildet av Dzhokhar Tsarnaev på forsiden av siste utgave, men teksten er vel verdt å lese.

People in Cambridge thought of 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev – “Jahar” to his friends – as a beautiful, tousle-haired boy with a gentle demeanor, soulful brown eyes and the kind of shy, laid-back manner that “made him that dude you could always just vibe with,” one friend says. He had been a captain of the Cambridge Rindge and Latin wrestling team for two years and a promising student. He was also “just a normal American kid,” as his friends described him, who liked soccer, hip-hop, girls; obsessed over The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones; and smoked a copious amount of weed.

Payack stared at his TV, trying to reconcile Dzhokhar, the bomber accused of unspeakable acts of terrorism, with the teenage boy who had his American nickname “Jahar” inscribed on his wrestling jacket. He’d worn it all the time.

That afternoon, Payack spoke with CNN, where he issued a direct appeal. “Jahar,” he said, “this is Coach Payack. There has been enough death, destruction. Please turn yourself in.”

Kafka som barnebok? Ja, det høres faktisk ut som noe det er verdt å sjekke ut.

The idea came to Roth after he accidentally started reading Kafka to his two little girls, who grew enchanted with the stories. As for the choice to adapt Kafka’s characteristically dark sensibility for children, Roth clearly subscribes to the Sendakian belief that grown-ups project their own fears onto kids, who welcome rather than dread the dark. Indeed, it’s hard not to see Sendak’s fatherly echo in Eason’s beautifully haunting black-and-white drawings.

Vindkraft blir stadig mer effektivt påstås det, men i Norge går det fryktelig treigt med utbyggingen.

Can advances in technology allow renewable energy sources to be reliable for second-to-second grid use? It’s already happening. In 2011, a concentrated solar plant produced power for 24 hours straight. A huge array of mirrors heated up a huge molten-salt battery system that permitted the solar plant to supply power when the sun was down. Reliable, steady wind energy is also becoming a real thing.

Blir vi mer aggressive og nasjonalistiske om vi kvalifiserer oss til VM? Noen mener det. Forslår at vi oversetter denne til svensk og får den trykket i de største avisene deres. Skal se at de legger ned landslagene sine.

But plenty of studies have measured the increased nationalism that occurs during international sporting events. Now, Cal-Berkeley Ph.D. student Andrew Bertoli has found that the increased nationalism in countries that qualify for the World Cup leads to a marked uptick in nationalistic aggression. As Bertoli details in a new working paper flagged by The Monkey Cage, teams that barely qualified for the World Cup showed larger increases in nationalism and took more aggressive military actions in the three years following qualification than did teams that failed to qualify:

Sex og tidsreiser ser ut til å være en dårlig ide.

It’s a wonderful concept—the fact that one day you might be able to travel back in time and buy a drink for a now-aging celebrity crush of yours—but you may want to avoid rolling around in the sheets with them if one drink happens to lead to another. According to new research being conducted at the Center for Functional and Evolutionary Ecology in Montpellier, France, sex and time travel might not work out so well.

Det er bare å stålsette seg for saker som markerer toårsdagen for Breiviks terrorangrep. Her er Katrine Kielos i Aftonbladet.

Jag minns när vi får veta att min vän har överlevt. Jag minns bilderna på döda barn i vattnet. Jag minns åskvädret i Oslo följande natt och jag minns när Jens Stoltenberg kramar mig efter en intervju på statsministerresidenset för att han är trött, ledsen och det helt enkelt är vad Norges statsminister gör dessa dagar: kramar folk och går på begravningar för döda barn.

En fotoblixt fryser snabba rörelser och lättar upp kontrastrika bilder. Den ger extra ljus vid mörka förhållanden. Lyser upp det som är där och då så att vi kan spara det.

Men vad händer med det som skedde innan?

För att inte tala om efteråt?

Lei av å lese? Se på noen bilder i stedet da. Her fra Libyas lange langsomme vei tilbake til normalen etter Gadaffis fall.

Nearly two years since the overthrow of the dictator Moammar Qaddafi, Libyans are still struggling to return to normal lives. A temporary national assembly just cleared the way for a new constitution to be drafted by the end of this year. Some of the rebel militia groups who banded together to oust Qaddafi have donned uniforms and become members of the police and army of the new government. Other rebel groups have maintained independence, clashing with those who seek unity under rule of law. The economy continues to suffer: Oil production is way down, and tourism has nearly evaporated. But foreign aid has increased, reconstruction in Benghazi has picked up, and Libya is bidding to host the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations soccer tournament.

Noen sommerbilder helt til slutt kanskje?

In some parts of the northern hemisphere, the hottest days of summer have already set records this year, in others, the highest temperatures are yet to come. The sunshine brings people outdoors, to cool off at the beach, on a high mountain peak, or in a park fountain. Gathered here are a handful of images of Summer 2013, from Alaska to Ukraine, Egypt, Death Valley, and more.



Hummer og kanari

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Mr Ball

Noen tullebukker med alt for mye fritid har gjenskapt slaget ved Helm’s Deep. Jeg tror ikke de er de første, og sikkert ikke de siste heller, men bildene er ganske imponerende.

Ikke noe galt med verken Lego eller Tolkien, men disse bildene er jo mye mer interessante. Fra grensen mellom USA og Mexico.

The border between the United States and Mexico stretches 3,169 kilometers (1,969 miles), crossing deserts, rivers, towns, and cities from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico. Every year, an estimated 350 million people legally cross the border, with another 500,000 entering into the United States illegally. No single barrier stretches across the entire border, instead, it is lined with a patchwork of steel and concrete fences, infrared cameras, sensors, drones, and nearly 20,000 U.S. Border Patrol agents. As immigrants from Mexico and other Central and South American countries continue to try to find their way into the U.S., Congress is now considering an immigration reform bill called the Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013. The bill proposes solutions to current border enforcement problems and paths to citizenship for the estimated 11 million existing illegal immigrants in the U.S. Gathered here are images of the US-Mexico border from the past few years.

Pearl Cantrell fylte nylig 105 år. Hemmeligheten til et langt liv er visstnok bacon.

“I love bacon, I eat it everyday”, says Pearl, “I don’t feel as old as I am, that’s all I can say”, she explains.

Kan du skyte en zombie i knollen, og ikke bli tiltalt for mord? I selvforsvar er svaret ja uansett så klart, men om du ligger på taket med en rifle og plaffer ned for fote? Da kommer det an på om vi kan definere zombiene som mennesker. Men om de er mennesker, kan vi stille dem for retten, gi dem Lippestad som forsvarer, og putte dem i fengsel for resten av livet? Dette, og mange andre spørsmål har man fått advokater til å fundere på. Kan julenissen spionere på deg for å avgjøre om du er snill eller slem? Kan Tony Stark ta på seg drakta og redde verden om han har tatt seg en drink eller to?

Even if someone was anxious about the spying and home invasion, though, Santa has every right to do so, but only if they consent to those behaviors. The fact that people leave out milk and cookies for Old Saint Nick serves as an implied contract that Santa is, in fact, welcome to enter their homes and judge them for being naughty or nice. Appropriately, those who stop believing, or who do not believe in the first place, do not leave out cookies and milk, and are also not visited on Christmas Eve or spied on. Essentially, those who wish for presents from Santa agree to give up their right to privacy and to allow him to enter their property in return, and their offering of cookies signifies an agreement to these terms.

Det har gått for seg i Cleveland ja, og folk har visst det, eller i det minste hatt mistanke om det, i lang tid. Men politiet gadd ikke sjekke det ut. Enda godt Charles Ramsey tok ansvar da.

“Oh, those girls? The ones trapped in that house for a decade? Yeah, we called the cops the first time we saw them being walked naked on a leash. Fuckers never came.”

Jeg kjente en gang en fyr som kjente en fyr som begynte med slektsforskning. Han fant ut at han var i slekt med Baneheia-Viggo, og da sluttet han igjen. Men det viser seg nå at går vi 1000 år tilbake er alle europeere i slekt. Akk ja…

A genetic survey concludes that all Europeans living today are related to the same set of ancestors who lived 1,000 years ago.

Hmmm…dette var faktisk ganske interessant, og så fikk jeg endelig lese hele det der “information wants to be free”-sitatet, som visstnok betyr noe helt annet enn det jeg trodde det betydde.

Someone’s already tweeting—“Butterick is an idiot. He doesn’t know that information wants to be free.” You know, I have heard that. But I also know that 99.99% of people who mention this line forget to talk about the first and last parts of it.
“What? There’s a first and last part?” Yeah, yeah. The whole line goes like this:

“Information wants to be expensive, because it’s so valuable … On the other hand, information wants to be free, because the cost of getting it out is getting lower … So you have these two fighting against each other.”

This was said by a guy named Stewart Brand, way back in 1984.
So what’s the message here? Information wants to be free? No, that’s not the message. The message is that there are two forces in tension. And the challenge is how to balance the forces.
The web, however, has never balanced these forces. The web has always been great for making information free, and terrible at charging for it. And that’s a technological flaw that’s existed since the beginning of the web. So from early on, folks took this lemon and tried to make web lemonade by latching onto the belief that exposure mattered more than money.
Does this sound familiar, designers? “This project’s going to be great exposure.” It’s never true. It’s never been true. It’s never been true on the web. But it became one of the web’s core religious beliefs.
The problem, of course, is that information wasn’t actually free. It’s just that no one wanted to pay for it.

Og til slutt i dag: Er du mann? Pass på å sjekke testiklene dine jevnlig. Ellers kommer Mr.Balls og tar deg!

Meet Mr. Balls, the anti-testicular cancer mascot dreamed up by the Brazilian nonprofit Associação de Assistência às Pessoas com Câncer. In case you’re blind and can’t see the picture, he looks exactly like the kind of angry giant nuts that chase you around in nightmares.


Hummer og kanari

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Lion tamer

Sex og død om ettermiddagen, en finfin gjennomgang av de amerikanske såpeoperaenes vekst og fall.

It was always a battle. In 1968 we wrote a story line that had one of our characters, Tommy Horton, return from Vietnam with amnesia and post-traumatic stress disorder. War was completely raging at the time, and the network wouldn’t let us mention it in any way whatsoever. They said, “No, let’s just say that he came back from Korea.” We said, “Wait, Korea was 1950 … this is 1968!” But they insisted that we couldn’t talk about Vietnam. So he came back from Korea.

Et spennende fotoprosjekt fra Ada Mirovskaya

I want to sense the warmth of her heart anew, like in my childhood; to look closer and get to know my present, mature mother. To fixate, to remember, to feel acutely the moments of the life that I treasure, which is primordially a source of my own. Wise and not so wise, powerful and weak, young and mature, good and bad—anything she may be. My mom. Distant no more. Close…again.
Alla Mirovskaya

Flere bilder: The Strange Beauty of Salt Mines

Salt, an essential element for all animal life, is abundant here on Earth, but it still requires extraction from stone deposits or salty waters. The process of mining that salt can produce beautiful landscapes, including deep, stable caverns, multicolored pools of water, and geometric carvings. Some of these locations have even become tourist destinations, serving as concert halls, museums, and health spas touting the benefits of halotherapy. Collected here are images of salt mines across the world, above and below ground.

25 bøker alle barn burde ha i hylla. Alle voksne også egentlig? Men hvor mange av dem er det mulig å få fatt i på norsk? Storrusten, jeg snakker til deg!

This month marks the 70th anniversary of one of our favorite children’s books of all time, the beautiful, contemplative novella The Little Prince. To celebrate the book’s legacy (and to encourage any parents currently dragging their feet to get it for their little ones), we’ve put together a list of 25 essential books that every kid should have on his or her bookshelf growing up. Add your own suggestions to the list (it has potential to be infinite) in the comments.

Antallet amerikanere som bor i kollektiv er på vei oppover.

The lace bonds of bourgeois matrimony — that hallowed relationship between one man, one woman, and one mortgage — continue to yellow and fray. But we don’t need the acid bath of homosexual libido to dissolve them altogether and free up space for something new; austerity seems to be doing that just fine.

Skal vi se, hvordan er den politiske situasjonen i Mario-universet mon tro?

It is important to note that Bowser does not command the allegiance of all Koopas, but those under his authority are organised into paramilitary ranks or units [20] in a caste-like system. This concentration of political power in a single leader arguably makes Bowser a fascist. Although as he self-styles himself “King Koopa” it is apparent that he claims (or is seeking) parity of esteem with Princess Peach; that is to say that he does not regard himself as a ‘terrorist’ but as a ‘freedom fighter’ or entitled ruler in his own right.

Rosa og blått

Realizing her daughter was part of an international phenomenon of gender-specific marketing campaigns, Yoon began photographing American and South Korean children in their bedrooms with their collection of pink and blue objects, highlighting the powerful gender-oriented marketing pitch toy companies such as Mattel make to children and parents.

If I reported to you what Mrs. Thatcher really thought about President Reagan, it would damage Anglo-American relations.

U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who died Monday, and U.S. President Ronald Reagan are remembered as a geopolitical “power couple,” a partnership that pushed for free-market conservatism and helped win the Cold War. In both U.S. and U.K. politics, their names are practically synonymous.

But the truth was far more complicated and, particularly when it came to the more difficult moments of the Cold War, Reagan and Thatcher found plenty to disagree on.

Okay, så får norske kvinner som deltar i offentlig debatt kjørt seg, men det kunne vært verre. De kunne spilt basketball?

Mark Cuban is open to trying out Griner for his Dallas Mavericks, but some NBA fans reveal much less progressive attitudes

Ålreit. En til da. Weekend at Bernies, dere husker den? Her må noen stilles til ansvar!

However, it is the opinion of this investigator that the witnesses’ testimony is faulty, based on the condition of the body. Their “weekend at Bernie’s” should have been “weekend with a bloated, stiff, green corpse.”

Hummer og kanari

Linker du ikke kommer til å trykke på #16


Tilbake til 70-tallet

“Searching for the Seventies” takes a new look at the 1970s using remarkable color photographs taken for a Federal photography project called Project DOCUMERICA (1971-1977). Created by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), DOCUMERICA was born out of the decade’s environmental awakening, producing striking photographs of many of that era’s environmental problems and achievements. Drawing its inspiration from the depression era Farm Security Administration photography project, project photographers created a portrait of America in the early-and-mid-1970s. They documented small Midwestern towns, barrios in the Southwest, and coal mining communities in Appalachia. Their assignments were as varied as African American life in Chicago, urban renewal in Kansas City, commuters in Washington, DC, and migrant farm workers in Colorado. – See more at: http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2013/03/national_archives_searching_fo.html#sthash.cmOhE65j.dpuf

Vagina! Han sa Vagina!

A high school science teacher in Idaho is under investigation by the state’s professional standards commission because he reportedly used the word “vagina” during a biology lesson.

Tim McDaniel, who teaches 10th grade science at Dietrich School, told the Twin Falls Times-News that four parents were upset when they learned that his lesson included the word “vagina” and information about the biology behind female orgasm.

“I teach straight out of the textbook, I don’t include anything that the textbook doesn’t mention,” McDaniel remarked. “But I give every student the option not attend this class when I teach on the reproductive system if they don’t feel comfortable with the material.”

McDaniel said that he had never before received a complaint in the 18 years that he had taught science class at Dietrich School.

De vakreste forlatte plassene på jorda. I hvert fall 33 av dem.

En lang tekst om mobbing, eller bullying da, so det heter i statene. Egentlig er det vel en bokomtale, men etter å ha lest denne er jeg ikke sikker på om jeg trenger å lese boka.

Dismantling sexist gender expectations on all fronts may feel like a monumental task, but for educators to take on the project would deal a substantial blow at an institutional, and perhaps cultural, level. Schools have reached a point where a racial slur is not tolerated from anyone, but phrases like “you throw like a girl” and “man up” and “act like a lady” are sanctioned by teachers and students. In my experience, teachers care deeply about their students, and can adjust their own cultural beliefs in order to support them. The costly and intensive anti-bullying programs Bazelon offers as solutions prove that educators are invested in improving the lives of their kids. But as long as bullying is talked about as a problem of how to socialize our schoolchildren, as opposed to a project of addressing the oppressive ways we socialize all children in all aspects of their lives, the violence will continue. As their teacher, I can stand up for my kids against the bullies, but it will be a never-ending whack-a-mole game unless I stand against the conditions that create the bullies.

Denne saken om en professor som lager et tankeeksperiment der han lurer på om det er greit å voldta bevisstløse så lenge vedkommende ikke blir skadd, og ikke merker noe til det, er kanskje ikke så veldig interessant i seg selv. Fin fyr. Misforstått?  Jadda. Men kommentarfeltet er gøyalt. Som denne kommentaren:

I agree totally with his penetration argument. What is the difference say between photons passing through your eye and a bullet? Seems kind of arbitrary to say one thing is great because it helps me see but the other is bad because it kills me. If you are going to allow your body to be penetrated by outside objects, it is only fair that you allow any object outside of you penetrate you.

For instance, you breath air and that helps you live. But why do you get upset when you breath mustard gas and it kills you? It is similar to playing the lottery. You bought the ticket and won! That is great. But more often than not you will lose, so don’t complain to me.

Maybe another analogy. My first wife and I went on a safari. It was amazing. We saw lions, tigers, giraffes, etc. We essentially became apart of their lives. We marveled at a big cat taking down its prey. We thought it was beautiful. One day, we were watching a pride and it got too close. Our guide sped off, but my wife fell of the roof and was surrounded by lions. The guide wanted to go back. But I said no. I told him “We have enjoyed these animals and they have given so much to us. It would be hypocritical now to not let my wife be eaten. We cannot on the one hand love these animals and then on the other hand balk when we fall into their lives.”

It was one of the toughest decisions of my life, letting my wife be eaten by a lion. But at least I can sleep at night, knowing I wasn’t some two faced hypocrite.

Og til slutt sender vi litt kjærlighet til den beste nye bloggen på markedet. Klikk på denne linken i det minste, hvis ikke blir det kokos!

Hummer og kanari

Linker du ikke kommer til å trykke på #15

Cary Bay Zoo, Lake Macquarie, NSW, 1954 / Sam Hood

Hjertesorg dere. Det er et helvete!

Jeg tok meg selv i å sitte i sengen, gråtende, mens jeg spiste kalde grillpølser og sang med på Westlifes “If I let you go” – midt på natten.

Jeg har aldri hatt det sånn før, så det var sikkert på tide, men det å iføre seg en pastellfarget pysjbukse og den styggeste genseren det er mulig å oppdrive på mils omkrets gjorde jo ikke akkurat at jeg følte meg så mye bedre. Minutter etter dumpingen fant sted spiste jeg en hel hjemmelaget pizza alene, styrtet en flaske Pepsi Max og trykket inn en kvart is, med det eneste resultat at jeg ble så dårlig at jeg ble hengende over toalettskålen det neste kvarteret. Gråtende. Alle mine nærmeste venninner ringte for å få siste nytt, og det ble vondere og vondere for hver gang jeg måtte ramse opp de knusende ordene. Jeg er sikker på at ingen i hele verden hadde det så fælt som meg akkurat i det øyeblikket.

Jeg tror jammen meg Casa Kaos-bilen er verre enn vår bil:

Hah, nei da. Bilen er også et yndet sted for både rot og møkk. Men av og til jeg bare ta meg sammen og rydde. Det er forferdelig kjedelig, men jammen finner man mye rart. Det er nesten som å gå på skattejakt.

Her er alt jeg fant da jeg ryddet bilen i går:

Skal kvinnen jobbe deltid, eller være hjemme med barna? Samme hva du velger er du føkka, men her er løsningen serru:

What’s an ambitious woman to do? Obviously, the price tag put on your employment is just another version of the pay gap, and for some reason, the elegant solution of professional women refusing to have children until someone fixes this situation has been taken off the table. It’s a major conundrum. So why not look to men for answers? Men have managed the sticky situation of both having a job and having a home life for decades now. Their solution is possibly even more elegant in its simplicity than the “don’t have children” one: Marry a woman.

Vil de gamle ta over verden? Og vil de i så fall begynne å henrette alle over 21 for å holde på makta?

One of the consequences of radical life extension is the potential for a gerontocracy to set in — the entrenchment of a senior elite who will hold on to their power and wealth, while dominating politics, finance, and academia. Some critics worry that society will start to stagnate as the younger generations become increasingly frustrated and marginalized. But while these concerns need to be considered, a future filled with undying seniors will not be as bad as some might think, and here’s why.

Å nei! Nå er det jaggu krig mot påskeharen også der borte i junaiten!

O’REILLY: Secular progressives are running wild with President Obama in the White House. They feel unchained, liberated, and they’re trying to diminish any form of religion. The goal is to marginalize religious opposition to secular programs. For example, in Canada and China a woman can have an abortion for any reason at any time. Secular progressives want that here. But traditional forces in America are in opposition. Therefore in this country, you can’t terminate a baby about to be born without a damn good reason. And if you do abort a late term baby, you could be charged with murder. SPs hate that. In Scandanavia, there are laws that say you cannot criticize minorities and if you do, you could be arrested. Secular progressives want laws like that here. Also the legalization of drugs, well under way in many places, and that is a secular cause. So, if the far left can marginalize Santa and the Easter bunny, of they can tell the children those symbols are obsolete and unnecessary, they then set the stage for a totally secular society in the future.

Denne er litt gøyal da.

According to UK developer Littleloud, Sweatshop HD is an iPad game that “challenged people to think about the origin of the clothes we buy”. But it has now been removed from Apple’s online marketplace. Why? Well, because the App Store gatekeeper was “uncomfortable selling a game based around the theme of running a sweatshop”.

Nicola Griffith anbefaler lesbisk science fiction

I think the heyday of lesbian sf is still to come. I think it will be astonishingly good, partly because it won’t need to be about being queer. That battle is ending. It’s essentially won. (Lots of tidying up to do, of course.) It was a battle named and begun by the mothers of our genre. Here are a handful of the classics, from the 1970s to the 1990s.

Ja, jeg har jo tidligere skrevet om hvordan Monopol egentlig ble laget for å advare folk mot kapitalismen. Nå kommer det en utgave av Monopol som skal lære folk om nedsiden ved kommunismen.

Just like in the original Monopoly, acquisition is the name of the game. In this case, however, that means struggling to get basic necessities such as food, clothing and furniture. “In the game, you send your family out to get items on a shopping list and they find that the five shops are sold out or that there hasn’t been a delivery that day,” the IPN’s Karol Madaj told SPIEGEL ONLINE Thursday, explaining that the game “highlights the tough realities of life under Communism.”

Sesong to av Girls er ferdig, og jeg syntes det er genialt TV. Men hva er det egentlig vi ser? Hva er det som skjer? Lena Dunham trekker oss i alle retninger, og vi kan fankern ikke være helt sikker på noe. Vi blir manipulert hele veien, enten vi vet det eller ei. Og enten Lena Dunham vet det eller ei.

As for the Natalia-Adam nightmare from last week? It’s been recalibrated or maybe even retconned, to steal a term from Molly Lambert. A pleasant amnesiac film descends on the world as we know it, and Adam’s past as a stalker and quasi-rapist fades into irrelevance. Now Adam is the victimized party getting bossed around by Natalia, who insists that an erotic encounter doesn’t have to be built on insults and lack of consent. “I can like your cock without being a whore,” she says firmly, and to our shock we find that something in this scene — is it the camera angles? the dialogue? Natalia’s tone? — is making us take Adam’s side. What a shrew, wanting to be sexual without being degraded, we find ourselves thinking.

WHAT’S GOING ON. What buttons are these that are getting pushed and how do we stop them? Who’s manipulating us and how? These are the TV moments I find most interesting — the ones when I realize I’ve somehow been snookered into sympathizing with the wrong person against my will.

Og en liten godbit helt til slutt. Bilder fra hele verden, av barn med sine aller kjæreste eiendeler.

Shot over a period of 18 months, Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti’s project Toy Stories compiles photos of children from around the world with their prized possesions—their toys. Galimberti explores the universality of being a kid amidst the diversity of the countless corners of the world; saying, “at their age, they are pretty all much the same; they just want to play.”


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