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Hummer og kanari

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1956 ... Altaira's hit single!

Katrine Kielos avslører trusselen fra katolikkene, eller var det muslimene, som en paranoid fantasi.

Författaren beskrev en flodvåg av massinvandring. Invandrarna kom från samma typ av bakåtsträvande, auktoritära, religiöst fanatiska samhällen. De ­följde en oföränderlig och orubblig ­uppsättning dogmer dikterade av deras religiösa ledare i hemlandet. Deras religion var inte så mycket en tro som en politisk ideologi: kvarlevande medeltida auktoritära idéer som inte har någon plats i en demokratisk amerikansk miljö. De var inte ute efter att integreras, förtryckte sina kvinnor och förökade sig som råttor. Syftet var att ta över USA, ­införa sin religions lagar, skriva om ­konstitutionen och slutligen lägga beslag på presidentposten. Vanligt folk måste sluta sig samman i en motståndsrörelse.

F,Scott Fitzgerald var jo nesten like pen som Zelda i kjole

Yes, he posed in drag for a publicity photo that appeared in The New York Times on January 2, 1916. The newspaper called him “the most beautiful” girl in the show.

2012 var det året irske aviser forsøkte å ødelegge internett

This is not a joke.

I have started with that clarification, because as you read this you will find yourself asking “Is this some kind of a joke?” I thought I would be helpful and put the answer right up at the start, so you can refer back to it as often as you require.

Endelig har noen tatt rasshøla rundt oss på alvor

So what is an asshole, exactly? How is he (and assholes are almost always men) distinct from other types of social malefactors? Are assholes born that way, or is their boorishness culturally conditioned? What explains the spike in the asshole population?

Flørting i gamle dager, med parasoll, hansker og lommetørkler var åpenbart et rent helvete.

Stalin hadde gjort det strålende i næringslivet. Skulle gjerne sett denne teksten utdypet en del.

In a public lecture, Zizek once said that it is only under late capitalism that Stalinism has truly come into its own. It was kind of a throw-away remark that I don’t believe he has developed any further, but as I study more about Stalinism and about neoliberalism, I’m increasingly convinced that he’s right and that Stalin, CEO would be an awesome subversive “management theory” book.

Hummer og kanari

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Hummer og kanari

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Hummer og kanari

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The Wire

  • It’s a Wonderful Life er den amerikanske julefilmen over alle julefilmer, (og en av de svært få julefilmene som faktisk er bra?) FBI mente den var kommunistisk propaganda:

(…) the film represented rather obvious attempts to discredit bankers by casting Lionel Barrymore as a “scrooge-type” so that he would be the most hated man in the picture. This, according to these sources, is a common trick used by Communists

  • Samuel Delany skrev en historielinje for Wonder Woman på tidlig syttitall:

I came up with a six-issue story arc, each with a different villain: the
first was a corrupt department store owner; the second was the head
of a supermarket chain who tries to squash a women’s food cooperative. Another villain was a college advisor who really felt a
woman’s place was in the home and who assumed if you were a
bright woman, then something was probably wrong with you
psychologically, and so forth. It worked up to a gang of male thugs
trying to squash an abortion clinic staffed by women surgeons. And
Wonder Woman was going to do battle with each of these and

Men Gloria Steinem likte ikke at han også hadde gitt den kvinnelige superhelten et nytt kostyme, og stoppet hele greia.

  • En eldgammel tradisjon i Albania, som nå vel er i ferd med å dø ut, er kvinner som kler seg og lever som menn. Det handlet opprinnelig om at noen jo måtte være patriark i familien, og hadde man ikke menn som kunne ta oppgaven måtte det en kvinne til. Fascinerende bilder.

“Sworn virgins” (burrneshas in Albanian) are Albanian women who decide to ignore their female identity and live as men in the Balkans. Photographer Jill Peters traveled to Northern Albania to meet and photograph these women.  The decision to live as men is more related to gender roles in the Albanian culture rather than a statement of sexuality; these women live their lives appearing as men.

  • Dette er vel gammelt nytt, jeg tror vi har lignende tester fra Norge som bekrefter det samme, men økonimistudenter juger mer enn andre hvis de kan tjene en tier på det:

So there you have it: Given a harmless chance to make a quick euro by telling a white lie, budding economists and corporate executives were much more likely to do it than their peers. Classics and biology lovers, on the other hand, seemed more likely to tell the truth for its own sake.

Litt skeptisk til selve testen da. Hvis man kan tjene mer penger på å juge, uten at det medfører negative konsekvenser for den andre fyren, og uten at du risikerer straff, da skal du vel nesten være Jesus for å holde deg til sannheten? Jeg hadde jugd som bare rakkern, og jeg har aldri studert økonomi.

  • Hvis zombieapocalypsen kommer kan det være greit å være sammen med den gjengen som nå planlegger å lage sitt eget lille samfunn i Idaho. I alle andre henseender: Dette er galskap!

Residents would have to agree to conditions that include: Following federal and state constitutions. Being able to shoot a man-sized steel target at various distances with a handgun and a rifle. Having an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle variant, at least five magazines and 1,000 rounds of ammunition. Keeping every household stocked with a year’s worth of food, water and supplies. Taking courses on such topics as basic medical care and firearms safety. Carrying a loaded sidearm when visiting the town center.

  • Og til slutt: IQ er visst en myte:

“When we looked at the data, the bottom line is the whole concept of IQ — or of you having a higher IQ than me — is a myth,” said Dr. Adrian Owen, the study’s senior investigator and the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience and Imaging at the university’s Brain and Mind Institute. “There is no such thing as a single measure of IQ or a measure of general intelligence.”



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