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Linker du ikke kommer til å trykke på #19

Fra Lunarbaboon:


Rolling Stone har fått mye kritikk for bildet av Dzhokhar Tsarnaev på forsiden av siste utgave, men teksten er vel verdt å lese.

People in Cambridge thought of 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev – “Jahar” to his friends – as a beautiful, tousle-haired boy with a gentle demeanor, soulful brown eyes and the kind of shy, laid-back manner that “made him that dude you could always just vibe with,” one friend says. He had been a captain of the Cambridge Rindge and Latin wrestling team for two years and a promising student. He was also “just a normal American kid,” as his friends described him, who liked soccer, hip-hop, girls; obsessed over The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones; and smoked a copious amount of weed.

Payack stared at his TV, trying to reconcile Dzhokhar, the bomber accused of unspeakable acts of terrorism, with the teenage boy who had his American nickname “Jahar” inscribed on his wrestling jacket. He’d worn it all the time.

That afternoon, Payack spoke with CNN, where he issued a direct appeal. “Jahar,” he said, “this is Coach Payack. There has been enough death, destruction. Please turn yourself in.”

Kafka som barnebok? Ja, det høres faktisk ut som noe det er verdt å sjekke ut.

The idea came to Roth after he accidentally started reading Kafka to his two little girls, who grew enchanted with the stories. As for the choice to adapt Kafka’s characteristically dark sensibility for children, Roth clearly subscribes to the Sendakian belief that grown-ups project their own fears onto kids, who welcome rather than dread the dark. Indeed, it’s hard not to see Sendak’s fatherly echo in Eason’s beautifully haunting black-and-white drawings.

Vindkraft blir stadig mer effektivt påstås det, men i Norge går det fryktelig treigt med utbyggingen.

Can advances in technology allow renewable energy sources to be reliable for second-to-second grid use? It’s already happening. In 2011, a concentrated solar plant produced power for 24 hours straight. A huge array of mirrors heated up a huge molten-salt battery system that permitted the solar plant to supply power when the sun was down. Reliable, steady wind energy is also becoming a real thing.

Blir vi mer aggressive og nasjonalistiske om vi kvalifiserer oss til VM? Noen mener det. Forslår at vi oversetter denne til svensk og får den trykket i de største avisene deres. Skal se at de legger ned landslagene sine.

But plenty of studies have measured the increased nationalism that occurs during international sporting events. Now, Cal-Berkeley Ph.D. student Andrew Bertoli has found that the increased nationalism in countries that qualify for the World Cup leads to a marked uptick in nationalistic aggression. As Bertoli details in a new working paper flagged by The Monkey Cage, teams that barely qualified for the World Cup showed larger increases in nationalism and took more aggressive military actions in the three years following qualification than did teams that failed to qualify:

Sex og tidsreiser ser ut til å være en dårlig ide.

It’s a wonderful concept—the fact that one day you might be able to travel back in time and buy a drink for a now-aging celebrity crush of yours—but you may want to avoid rolling around in the sheets with them if one drink happens to lead to another. According to new research being conducted at the Center for Functional and Evolutionary Ecology in Montpellier, France, sex and time travel might not work out so well.

Det er bare å stålsette seg for saker som markerer toårsdagen for Breiviks terrorangrep. Her er Katrine Kielos i Aftonbladet.

Jag minns när vi får veta att min vän har överlevt. Jag minns bilderna på döda barn i vattnet. Jag minns åskvädret i Oslo följande natt och jag minns när Jens Stoltenberg kramar mig efter en intervju på statsministerresidenset för att han är trött, ledsen och det helt enkelt är vad Norges statsminister gör dessa dagar: kramar folk och går på begravningar för döda barn.

En fotoblixt fryser snabba rörelser och lättar upp kontrastrika bilder. Den ger extra ljus vid mörka förhållanden. Lyser upp det som är där och då så att vi kan spara det.

Men vad händer med det som skedde innan?

För att inte tala om efteråt?

Lei av å lese? Se på noen bilder i stedet da. Her fra Libyas lange langsomme vei tilbake til normalen etter Gadaffis fall.

Nearly two years since the overthrow of the dictator Moammar Qaddafi, Libyans are still struggling to return to normal lives. A temporary national assembly just cleared the way for a new constitution to be drafted by the end of this year. Some of the rebel militia groups who banded together to oust Qaddafi have donned uniforms and become members of the police and army of the new government. Other rebel groups have maintained independence, clashing with those who seek unity under rule of law. The economy continues to suffer: Oil production is way down, and tourism has nearly evaporated. But foreign aid has increased, reconstruction in Benghazi has picked up, and Libya is bidding to host the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations soccer tournament.

Noen sommerbilder helt til slutt kanskje?

In some parts of the northern hemisphere, the hottest days of summer have already set records this year, in others, the highest temperatures are yet to come. The sunshine brings people outdoors, to cool off at the beach, on a high mountain peak, or in a park fountain. Gathered here are a handful of images of Summer 2013, from Alaska to Ukraine, Egypt, Death Valley, and more.




  • 21 July, 2013 - 6:51 pm | Permalink

    Kafka som barnebok? Ja, det høres faktisk ut som noe det er verdt å sjekke ut.

    Er dette blitt gjort med noen norske forfattere og deres verker? Man er kanskje redd for å forenkle Teksten (med stor T), men man kan jo også samtidig få en helt annen vinkling på det.
    Selv har jeg ikke lest Hamsuns “Sult”, men bestemte meg for å lage en billedbok (jeg kan ikke tegne) på bakgrunn av handlingsreferatet.
    Spesielt bra ble det vel ikke, men det var morsomt å leke seg litt med noe som blir sett på som veldig alvorlig og tungt.

    • Arne Hjorth Johansen
      22 July, 2013 - 10:36 am | Permalink

      Sult som billedbok er jo en aldeles strålende ide. Og det er sikkert flere bøker som hadde vært morsomme å se som barnebøker. Ibsen f.eks? Men jeg tror ikke det har blitt gjort?

  • 22 July, 2013 - 12:43 pm | Permalink

    Det nærmeste jeg har kommet noe av Ibsen, er billedboka “Henrik og badesvampen”, men den har som utgangspunkt brev mellom Henrik og kona Susanna, og er ikke en versjon av noen av skuespillene hans. “Fruen fra havet” kunne jo bli en barnebok med f eks tittelen “Stupedamen”. 😉

    • Arne Hjorth Johansen
      23 July, 2013 - 12:35 pm | Permalink

      Mulighetene er nærmest uendelige!

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